• Dulsco


Dulsco is known to provide solutions that enable communities to perform at their best, to live and operate sustainably and create better outcomes for all.

With over 14,000 employees deployed in 75 different categories, they have provided staffing solutions to hundreds of companies. With long and short-term staffing options, the company guarantees employees of the highest calibre that are trained, vetted and meet uncompromising standards.

In addition to the convenience of providing reliable employees, the company ensures convenience and flexibility. All employees are provided with a sponsorship, legal paperwork and a valid visa. Plus, organisations can even opt for the Payroll Management program to save valuable hours.

As well as the staffing solutions, the company offers environmental solutions to support sustainable communities with industrial cleaning and waste collection, through to recovery and recycling, accompanied by educational initiatives aimed at driving awareness of more sustainable practices.

P.O. Box: 6238, Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971-4-340 4660 /+971-4-340 4661
Website: www.dulsco.com
Email: dulsco@dulsco.com

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