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Wafi Group has successfully joined forces with significant companies within the region and beyond to establish businesses. The company’s strategic objectives alongside its dedicated partner’s guarantees a commitment to grow the business in a controlled yet focused manner.


Dulsco is known to provide solutions that enable communities to perform at their best, to live and operate sustainably and create better outcomes for all.

With over 14,000 employees deployed in 75 different categories, Dulsco has provided staffing solutions to hundreds of companies. With long and short-term staffing options, Dulsco guarantees employees of the highest calibre that are trained, vetted and meet uncompromising standards.

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Mkmh Partnerships Dulsco

Shred-it is the UAE’s leading information security provider where organisations of all sizes can seek data protection advice and secure shredding and recycling services.

Shred-it’s information destruction services ensure the security and integrity of their clients’ private information. The company protects more than 500,000 global, national and local businesses across 17 countries worldwide.

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Mkmh Partnerships Shred It