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Inspired by the 14th century souk in Baghdad, Khan Murjan Souk at WAFI is home to a vision that gathers different cultures from the Arab world by creating a vibrant marketplace environment. The Souk’s construction brought together traditional craftsmen from Turkey, Egypt, Syria, and Morocco. Every single element and pattern adorning the Souk has been created by hand using traditional methods and intricate designs. The souk features one of the world’s largest stained-glass windows and took skilled workers months to complete.

Located at the heart of WAFI, the souk is another aspect of the site offering residents and tourists a variety of shopping and impressive experiences. As a shopping destination, the souk has a wide range of options for customers seeking traditional goods and authentic handmade products. The souk embeds the famous Khan Murjan Restaurant where Middle Eastern cuisine is prepared fresh in the central courtyard.

Website: www.wafi.com
Tel: +971 4 324 4555

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